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Black String – Karma (2019) FLAC

FLAC tracks | Jazz | 52:18 |? 265 Mb

The band Black String has added several new dimensions to the genre "world music". The South Korean quartet led by geomungo (traditional Korean zither) player Yoon Jeong Heo takes stylistic building blocks from traditional Asian music, jazz, blues and rock, and from electronica too, and juggles them expertly. It’s a powerful mix, bursting with all kinds of timbre possibilities, a context in which improvisation and traditional forms truly merge. The new album "Karma" represents a modern, global kind of music. Whereas it knows no borders, it definitely has strong and deep roots.

1. Sure?a (5:46)
2. Hanging Gardens of Babylon (9:11)
3. Elevation of Light (4:09)
4. Song of the Sea (5:11)
5. Exit Music (For a Film) (3:53)
6. Exhale-Puri (4:49)
7. Karma (7:51)
8. Beating Road (5:42)
9. Blue Shade (5:49)

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