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V-Ray Next v4.20.00 ADV for Unreal 4.20-21-22

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As one of the world’s most popular physically-based renderers, V-Ray is used daily by top design studios, architectural firms, advertising agencies, and visual effects companies around the globe. Chaos Group also noticed the rapid adoption of Unreal Engine by many of these firms to create interactive or immersive experiences, so for them to produce V-Ray for Unreal was a logical step.

V-Ray for Unreal is the fastest, simplest way to bring V-Ray scenes directly into the Unreal Editor. And it allows you to render ray traced, photorealistic images using V-Ray directly in Unreal.

True photorealistic rendering directly from Unreal
When you render with V-Ray for Unreal, you get the exact same photorealistic quality that V-Ray is known for. V-Ray taps into the full combined power of your GPUs and CPUs for ultrafast ray tracing.

Use the content creation workflow you already know
Create your scene the same way you normally do using V-Ray and your favorite 3D application (3ds Max, Maya and SketchUp). Then, export your V-Ray scene from the host application and import it using V-Ray for Unreal.

Smart translation of materials and lights
When you import your scene, V-Ray for Unreal automatically converts your materials and lights into real-time equivalents for UE workflows. At the same time, your original materials remain connected to their real-time versions and are called up when you’re ready to render.

Your gateway to virtual reality
Once your V-Ray scene is imported, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of the VR capabilities in the Unreal Editor. V-Ray for Unreal makes it fast and easy to create high quality, immersive VR.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows? 7 SP1 / Windows? 8/8.1 Windows 10 (x64)
Memory:8 GB RAM and 8 GB swap minimum
CPU:Intel? or AMD? 64-bit processor with SSE 4.2 support

CHANGELOG 4.20.00:
-Moved to CORE version 4.20
-Added Render resolution and Lightmap Atlas resolution presets
-Added support for Cast Shadows option for Static Mesh Actors
-Added support for "Flip Green Channel" option in Normal textures
-Added Lightmap baking progress bar
-Added Dynamic Memory Limit parameter in V-Ray Settings
-Improved support for Unreal expressions - VertexColor, ObjectRadius, ObjectPositionWS
-Improved the import of GeomMeshFile with identical vrmeshes
-Removed the check for running Epic Games launcher when installing the plugin
-Fixed Static Meshes with zero area UVs cause an Exception in CORE error when light baking
-Fixed camera rotation bug when orbiting around mesh with ALT+Mouse
-Fixed resolution capped to 11585
-Fixed assertion crash with viewport rendering when using DX12
-Fixed Preparing scene progress goes above 100%
-Fixed switching of levels doesn't stop rendering or baking process
-Fixed Two Sided option not exporting correctly with VRayMtl, VRayCarpaintUberMtl, VRayPBRMtl

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