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MSC Simufact Forming 16.0 x64-MAGNiTUDE

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MSC公司正式发布Simufact.Forming V16版本!

Simufact 是一套工业锻造过程仿真分析软件,由功能极强的有限体积求解器和WINDOWS风格的图形接口的所集成友好仿真分析运用软件。利用Simufact的锻造模拟技术,能够作出更快、更经济的仿真试验,加快产品导入市场的时间。


Simufact 的出现(研发),让锻造业者也有机会得以享用数值分析工具所带来的莫大好处。Simufact 是一个功能强大的3D锻造制程模拟分析工具,能有效地用来观察比较钢模与锻造程序制程的不同,对各种制程特性的影响,包括:材料流动、最后工件的形状与机械性质、多余材料区(material flash region)等,以期能用最省的材料、最短的时程,得到机械性质最符合预期的锻造产品。目前,Simufact 已被日本几家居于领导地位的公司用于实际的锻造制程模拟分析,例如Sumitomo重工、Toyota汽车与Denso公司。

simufact.forming 成形仿真系统,可以完成所有的金属成形模拟,具有独立的材料数据库、机械设备数据库等,是MSC.SuperForm和MSC.SuperForge的升级版本。

Simufact.Forming 已经成功研制可支持目前所有制造业的软件应用程序,并可独立的仿真金属温度,机体使用情况或材料的处理:封闭模锻或挤压,钢绘,镦,弯曲或自由锻造,轧制,型材辊压或翻滚-冷,热或半热,机械压力机,锤或螺旋压力机,辗机或轨道锻造-更可加上流程以及spring-controlled工具,简单的低合金或不锈钢,铝或非铁金属,钛镍合金,大规模工程或床单工程,物质流或dieload分析。 Simufact.Forming优化了集成仿真环境与过程。

File size: 3.1 GB
Simufact Forming is a simulation tool for hands-on professionals working with forming technology. Our goal is to focus the software to the practical needs of the users. Our customers confirm the fact that we have achieved a lot in this field. The operation of simulation software very often requires a lot of expert knowledge to build up and program complex models. This is not the case with Simufact Forming: The user can focus on the engineering-related details of the forming process. He does not have to deal with the physics of the forming process, nor with simulation-specific details. Simufact Forming is application-oriented as well as easy and fast to master.

Simufact Forming’s standard user interface allows for the software to be easily used and therefore, to become an engineering tool for developers of dies or processes whose daily work is supported and simplified. With a few clicks, all standard-forming processes can be simulated and evaluated.

Simufact Forming stands out due to its easy-to-use design and the fact that it only takes a short time to become familiar with it. The most significant advantages of the hands-on and user-optimized graphical user interface (GUI) are:
Easy, intuitive Windows style user interface (e.g. drag & drop)
Very easy and quick to learn
Forming technology terminology
Clear structure according to the object area (dies, machines, material etc.), process area (forming operations) and graphic model / results area
All objects can be provided by databases
AFS technology (application function sets) simplifies use
Template technology supports the user during the simulation set-up and conducts process-specific expert adjustments in the background. The user can fully focus on the process to be simulated. Numerical expert knowledge is unnecessary
Context-based help system for all user inputs with links to further information and example models
All simulation results can be displayed and evaluated graphicallyusing plots, animations and diagrams while a simulation is still running
Pre-processing and post-processing are united in one GUI. This reduces the need for training and simplifies the simulation of multi-stage processes
Extremely easy to generate model variants.

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